UPDATE 2022.03.17
Update Notes (03/17)

Greetings, Admiral.


Here are the details of the 1.0.22 update on 3/17.
Please refer to the notes below.



■ New Sectors Open in Galaxy 4
New Sectors are now open in Galaxy 4. We look forward to your interest.
※ Sectors 29 - 32 are open.



■ New Events
2 new Silther Particle Events are open.

 1) Silthereum Decomposing Bonus Event
  - You can earn additional safe Silther Particles as a bonus after decomposing Silthereum.
 2) Silther Particle Store Event
  - The Silther Particle Store is now open in the Event Center. You can trade Silther Particles for various items.



■ New Packages
2 new Packages have been added.
 - Peaceful Growth Package
 - Warship Carrier Package


■ Stamina Use in PVP
 - Deploying to another user's base requires 10 Stamina.
 - Deploying to a resource planet occupied by another user requires 5 Stamina.



■ Improvements and Changes
 - Security patches to block unauthorized access and login have been implemented.
 - Pop-up messages that displayed error codes now show more details about the error.
 - Fixes to tutorial errors have been implemented.
 - Collecting mission rewards has been improved to be more responsive.
 - Power Lv. does not decrease after storing warships in the Hangar.
 - A notification feature has been added to let you know when your event Warship Carrier expires soon.
 - Up to 30 War/Report mails can be stored.
 ※ The oldest mail gets deleted once your mailbox exceeds the maximum number.



Thank you.