EVENT 2022.03.31
Alliance Promotion Event Reward Distribution Complete

Greetings, Admiral

Thank you to all the Admirals for participating in the Alliance Promotion Event

We appreciate everyone who took the time to submit valuable feedback,
and promise to do our best to check your submissions thoroughly to improve ROS.

◆ Event Schedule
- From 3/10/2022, until 3/24/2022 12:00 AM (UTC)

◆ Event Reward
1) 3 random Alliances (all Alliance members): Tier 3 Assault Ship x 100EA, Tier 3 Defense Ship x 100EA, Tier 3 Cargo Ship x 100EA
2) 5 random Admirals chosen from those who posted an ad: Boost (30m) x 2EA, 50 Credits

- Reward winners are listed in the table below.

1. 3 random Alliances (all Alliance members)


Alliance Name Galaxy Sector
[FEM] Freedom 1 2
[VaV] Вавилон 1 8
[NEM] Nemesis 4 28

※ Rewards are not distributed to Admirals who joined their Alliance after 3/24/2022 12:00 AM (UTC).

2. 5 random Admirals chosen from those who posted an ad


Discord Nickname Galaxy Sector
serigalamalas#9154 1 1
Bonely(Андрей)#2880 1 8
oAuGuZo#1448 2 12
Trăng Khuyết#5267 3 17
C3s4r#1864 3 24

※ If you do not receive your reward even though your Discord nickname is listed above,
please contact the customer center by attaching your Discord profile image, UID, Galaxy, and Sector number.

☞ [Go to Alliance Promotion Event]

※ The distributed reward and coupon are acquirable due 4/30/2022 14:59 (UTC).
※ Entries with incorrect/no account information (Sector, UID, etc.) have been excluded from the draw.
※ Entries that did not fit the form indicated in each event channel have been excluded from the draw.
※ Entries with irrelevant content have been excluded from the draw.
※ Participants may not be selected for multiple rewards in the same event.
※ Reward is given only once for each account.

We appreciate everyone for your participation.

Thank you.