EVENT 2022.04.15
Captain Sharing Event

Greetings, Admiral.


Having competent Captains by your side is crucial for winning battles.
Share screenshots of Captains 3 star-rank or higher and get a chance to win special rewards.


◆ Event Schedule
  - 4/15 08:00 - 4/28 23:59 (UTC)


◆ Event Rewards
  - 10 Random Admirals: R Tier Universal Captain Piece x 20EA


◆ How to Participate
  1. Take a screenshot of a Captain you have, who's 3 star-rank or higher.
  2. Fill out the form in the "commander-task" channel on our Discord with details of your username, Member No., Galaxy, Sector, and   the screenshot.
  ※ You can find your Member No. by selecting upper left Profile > Option > Account


※ Sample Screenshot

 - An account may receive one compensation.
 - Entries that do not follow the format or have incorrect information will be excluded from the draw.


Thank you.