EVENT 2022.06.30
ROS Friend Invite Event!

Greetings, Admiral.


Invite new Admirals in [Reward Center > Invite Friends]!


Share a screenshot on our Discord that shows the Admirals you successfully invited
and collect additional bonuses separate from the in-game rewards!


It's your chance to receive a variety of rewards just by inviting friends,
and we're looking forward to your participation!



Click here☞



◆ Event Schedule
- 6/30/2022 05:00 ~ 7/13/2022 23:59 (UTC)



◆ How to Participate
- Take a screenshot in [Reward Center > Invite Friends], that shows the Admirals you've successfully invited
  and upload it to the "Invite friend - Event" channel on our Discord.
- Make sure to write your [Username, UID, Sector number] when you upload your screenshot.





◆ Event Rewards
- 1 Admiral Invited: [Safe] 1,200 Silther Particles x 2EA, R Tier Captain Piece Mystery Box x 5EA
- 3 Admirals Invited : [Safe] 2,000 Silther Particles x 2EA, Normal Transmit Ticket x 5EA
- 6 Admirals Invited: [Safe] 6,000 Silther Particles x 1EA, Premium Transmit Ticket x 3EA,

                                          Lv.3 GM’s Resource Mystery Box x 1EA
 (e.g. If your screenshot shows 3 Admirals invited, you will be rewarded for both the

 "1 Admiral Invited" and "3 Admirals Invited" categories)


※ An account may receive one reward.
※ The reward will be distributed to your mailbox.
※ If you cannot see your reward, please try reconnecting.


Thank you.