EVENT 2022.09.01
Captain Skill Up! Event

Greetings, Admiral.


Captains can always turn the tables in the battlefield!

Captain Skills are powerful assets in battles,
and upgrading them can get you closer to victory.


Upgrade your Captain's Skills and share a screenshot!

All participants will receive Captain Battle Data boxes
that can be used for more Captain Skill upgrades!


◆ Event Schedule
- 09/01 06:00 - 09/14 23:59 (UTC)


◆ How to Participate
- Upgrade your Captain's Skill to Lv. 3 or higher, and upload a screenshot on the "Skillup_Event" channel in our Discord.
- Please include your Nickname, UID, and Sector number along with the image.


◆ Event Rewards
- All Participants: R Tier Captain Battle Data Mystery Box * 20
- 5 Random Admirals Chosen from Participants: SR Tier Captain Battle Data Mystery Box * 5


※ An account may receive one reward only.
※ The reward will be distributed to your mailbox.


Thank you.