• Admiral


    Admiral represents users.
    Put on various equipment and upgrade admiral skills in order to become a powerful admiral!

  • Captain


    A warship pilot, undercover spy, genius hacker, security robot, and other unique captains are
    waiting for your command.
    Experience various captains with unique background stories, full voice over, unique ability, and skills.

  • Alliance


    A strong bond is the only key
    to conquering the universe.
    Cooperate with alliance members to win great wars and rule the universe.
    Grow with the alliance and cooperate to take part in real-time, big-scale wars.

  • Base


    Build a Base in an unexplored
    Space out of the Earth.
    Various facilities such as Command center, Radar center, Workshop, drones, and beautiful background of the vast Space are waiting for you.

  • Warship


    40 realistic warships under
    your command to conquer
    the battlefield. Warships are divided into 4 types based
    on their unique abilities: Assault
    Ship, Defense Ship, Light Ship,
    and Freighter. Each type can be
    upgraded up to T10.
    Produce more powerful
    and gigantic warships.

Growth Elements

Growth Elements

Admirals can obtain various items and
resources through mining, battle, and sites.
These three growth elements are essential for all admirals.

Growth Elements


Allows to continuously obtain resources within the base.
Admirals can obtain more resources by upgrading the sites.

Growth Elements


Lead the fleet and conquer resource planets to mine resources. Mineral, Trion Gas and Silther Particle are essential resources for base growth.

Growth Elements


Defeat the wandering pirates and Nocturns that
threat admirals across the universe in order to gain
resources and special craft materials.
Resources can also be looted from other admirals
by pillaging their bases and fleets.