UPDATE 2022.07.07
Update Notes (07/07)

Greetings, Admiral.


Here are the details of the 07/07 update.
Please see below for more details.


※ All images are from test servers.


■ New Research Category
 - The new "Expansion Research" category is now available in Lobby > Research Lab.




■ 3 New Package Products
 ※ Only available to users with Command Center Lv. 14 or higher.


 1) Research Hyper Growth Package, Premium Research Hyper Growth Package
  - New packages that can support your tech research are now available.




 2) Special Price! Resource Bomb Package
  - A new package that can speed up your base growth is now available.



■ New Logbook
 - The Logbook is back again, with a lower price and rewards to support your captain's growth.
 - The Premium Nautical Chart rewards include Shields as well as the "Dr. Roy's Base" skin.




■ Changes to Level Requirements for the Event Warship Carrier
 - The requirements for the Event Warship Carrier mission in Reward Center > Warship Carrier Event was adjusted.
 - (Before) Upgrade Command Center to Lv. 13 → (After) Upgrade Command Center to Lv. 1



■ Changes to the Stock in Point Commissaries
 - Item stocks were adjusted in the Nocturn Fiesta and Planet Takeover Point Commissaries
  to enable more purchases with a wider variety.


 1) Nocturn Fiesta


 2) Planet Takeover



■ Equipment Crafting and Upgrading
 1) Changes to materials required for equipment crafting
  - Adjusted the required number of Blueprints and Pyramids for equipment crafting.


 2) Pyramids can now also be obtained from the following sources
  - Purchase with Credits from the VIP Commissary (VIP5, VIP8, SVIP2, SVIP5)
  - Order or purchase with Alliance Points from the Alliance Commissary


 3) Changes to equipment upgrades
  - Adjusted the upgrade chance when upgrading equipment with a level lower than the upgrading equipment
  to allow users to collect upgrade materials by defeating Nocturns within their level's range.



■ Changes to the Silthereum Safe Decomposition Bonus Event
 - Increased the maximum number of decompositions to allow more Safe Silther Particle rewards.
 - (Before) Rewards available up to decomposition for 200 Silthereum → (After) Rewards available up to decomposition for 1,000 Silthereum



■ Others
 - The Cyrox fleets that take part in the Planet Takeover now only have one type of warship.
 - The effectiveness of warships between the types were enhanced to emphasize each type's characteristic.
 - Server stabilization


Thank you.