UPDATE 2022.12.28
Update Notes (12/28)

Greetings, Admiral.


Announcement of detailed information for 1.0.56 ver update made on 12/28.
Please check below for detailed information.


※ All images are from test servers.



A new Sector 8 open

 - Sector 7,8 merge and new sector open
 ☞ [12/28 Sector Merge Notice (Sector 7, 8)]



■ Silthereeum system change
 - To enhance the fun of Play & Earn, Silthereum system has been modified as below.

 ☞ [Shortcut to Silthereum system change announcement]


1. Silthereum bind/decompse, Silther Check exchange

1) Silthereum bind
 - Silther Check can be bound into Silthereum


2) Silthereum decompose
 - Silther Check will be given when decomposing Silthereum
 - Given Silther Check can be checked/received in the mail



3) Silther Check exchange
 - 100 'Silther Check Piece' can be exchanged to 1 Silther Check
 ※ Apart from Trade Center, it can also be exchanged by clicking the Silther Check Piece in your bag.



2. Silther Particle Investment
 - It is a function to obtain 'Silther Check' or 'Silther Check Piece' by investing the non-secured Silther Particle in hand.
 - The daily Silther Check issuance amount is variable based on the 'total amount of Silther Particle invested' on the previous day from all servers.
 - Investment can be made during 00:00 ~ 23:30 (UTC).
 - After the day' investment is done, 23:30 ~ 24:00 (UTC) is an investment settlement time.
 - Availble to check the investment result (success or fail) after the settlement time.
 - When investment is successful, 'Silther Check' and 'Silther Check Piece' can be obtained.
 If the invested amount falls short of the minimun stake, the investment fails, and rewards cannot be obtained.



3. Silther Particle Purchase
 - It is a function to purchase secured Silther Particle with 'Silther Check'.
 - Purchable Silther Particle amount depends on the invested Silther Particle amount on the previous day.



■ Silther Check Usage Added
 1) Items purchasable in Shop > Others > Silther Check added
 2) Items purchasable in Event Center > Silther Particle Event > Silther Check added


■ End of Sale of some Package Products
 - Due to the modification of Silthereum system, the sale of Special! Silther Particle Package & Special! Silther Particle Bomb Package has been ended.



■ Resource consumption order change
 - All resource consumption order has been changed as below.

 (Before change) Non-secured resources → Secured resources → Safe resources
 (After chenge) Safe resources → Non-secured resources → Secured resources

 ☞ [Shortcut to the announcement about resource consumption order change]


■ [Reward Center] Command Center Guide Newly Added 
 - Content has been added to obtain related rewards when a specific Command Center level is achieved.
 ※ Admirals who have acheived all of the existing levels can also receive all rewards.




■ New Alliance Module - "Alliance Repair Station" added
 - Alliance Repair Station is a facility that can "accommodate" and "repair" Warships in danger of being destroyed that exceeds the capacity of Workshop.
 - It can be constructed in "Alliance Module" menu after acheiving certain conditions.
 - When the capacoti of Workshop is exceeded, it will be "automatically" accommodated according to the conditions.
 - However, if it exceeds the capacity of Alliance Repair Station, exceeding amount of Warships will be destroyed.
 - Warship repair can be done by using "Honor Points"
 * When retrieving the Alliance Repair Station, Warships that are "being repaired" and "waiting to be repaired" will all be  * destroyed
 * When leaving the Alliance, Warships that are "being repaired" and "waiting to be repaired" in the Alliance Repair Station will all be destroyed.
 * If you do not belong to the Alliance Fort Area, Alliance Repair Station will be "forcibly retrieved".
 * Other detailed information can be found in [Alliance] - [Alliance Module] menu.


■ Deployment related Improvements
 - It has been improved to display Captain's Expert on the Fleet formation screen when deploying
 - It has been improved to display Deployed Fleets' Power Lv. as the sum of Captain, Warship Carrier, Warship Power Lv.
 - Improved to display the slot information if the Warship Carrier is already placed when multi deploying.
 - Immidiate Warship Carrier removal feature has been added on the Fleet formation screen.
 - [!] tool tip feature has been added on the Fleet formation screen.
 - When deploying, if Warship Power is lower then the apponent, warning sign will be shown for win/loss prediction.


■ Other Changes
 - Open level of Trade Center has been changed (Command Center Lv 9 → Lv 6),

   and some missions/chapters has been modified accordingly.

 - Due to the binding method update, Silther Particle Purchase menu was hidden temporarely. (12/29 00:00 UTC Silther TAB Open)
 - Tutorial related to Silthereum has been modified.
 - Item names of 'Brilliant Commendar Set' and 'Immortal Commendar Set' has been changed for some languages.
 - It has been improved to display Fleet Power Lv. NPCs' such as Pirate/Nocturn as the sum of Captain and Warship Pwer Lv.
 - Non-secured Silther Particle has been added to the rewards of acheiving 200 points for Admiral mission event
 - "Owned : " mark has been added to the titanium icon in the Resource Exchanger.
 - Improved so the current Admiral Skills preset number can also be checked on top of HUD.
 - 'Etc' tab in the inventory has been changed to 'Crucial' tab and to be located at the top.
 - Improved to display notification phrase when using Move Base, Admiral Skill 'Return Now', and etc during Rally.
 - Fixed the issue that error code was displayed when touching the receive button of Premium Buff, Duration Bonus, Member Gift multiple times.
 - Some effects and UI has been added and improved.


Thank you.