UPDATE 2023.04.06
Update Notes (04/06)

Greetings, Admiral.


Announcement of details of 1.0.61 ver update made on 4/6
Please check below for details.



■ New Captain 'Vice' added
 - A new SR grade Captain 'Vice' has been added.
 - Vice is a Cargo ship Captain with the "Silther Particle Mining Speed Increase" skill.
 ※ Vice can only be purchased and grown through 'Silther Check' in the Etc. tab of the Store.
 ※ Vice cannot be obtained through the Wheel of Destiny event,
     SR Tier Captain Piece Selection Box, SR Tier Captain Piece Mystery Box, and others.



■ New event 'Welcome Spring' added
 - Various missions will be provided during the event period, and event items will be given as rewards.
 - Submit the acquired event items to obtain rewards step by step.
 ※ Please check the 'Event Center' for detailed schedule and information.



■ Alliance related improvements
 - Leader change period has been changed. (Before) 7 days  → (After) 3 days.
 - Notice of conditions for changing leaders has been added to the bottom of the Alliance Member page.
 - It has been improved to send mail to the supplier and receiver when an Alliance Member supplies resources.



■ Adjustment of Elite Pirate rewards
 - "Warship Production Boost" item has been added to the reward for Elite Pirate defeat of all levels.



■ Adjustment of Teleport price and Move Area cooldown
 a. Teleport price adjustment

※ In the case of Trade Center, it is available at a discount of 30% and 50%.


 b. Move Area cooldown adjustment
  - Along with the teleport price adjustment, Move Area cooldown has been adjusted to the same level.
  - (Before) 6 hours → (After) 4 hours


■ Direct Teleport aquisition route added
 - Direct Teleport has been added to below routes.

 - Added routes : Lv.15 & Lv.20 Supplies, Nocturn Fiesta, Transmission Room



■ Other improvements and changes
 - Captain 'Morgana's skill values have been buffed.
 - Fixed the issue where mail translation was not processed at once.
 - Added a Transmission season, in which the Captain will be added to the Transmission Room
   when his Sector Archive Captain Mission is completed.
 - Fixed the issue where some text in Premium Shop > periodic subscription product was not applied.
 - The issue where % was added to the "Warship Carrier Maximum Energy Increase"
   of Warship Carrier Parts Skill has been fixed.
 - Fixed the issue where Cyrox Invation event point was not shown correctly when the point exceeds 2.1 billion.
 - Fixed the issue where the Module and field objects' level was shown as a blank
   when choosing specific languages.

 - Some contents of Help have been updated.


Thank you.