[Game Details] What is Safe?

1. The Safe is a storage space where you can keep non-secured Silther Particles safe from looting for a certain period.
2. You can retrieve and store Silther Particles freely within the rental period at the Premium Store > Safe.

     Safe rentals require Credits.
3. When the rent ends, you can click on [Withdraw] to collect the stored amount.

     You are only allowed to collect the entire amount.

※ You can only rent one Safe at a time.
※ The Safe is only available with the Premium Buff.
※ Even if your Safe rental has ended, if your Premium Buff is not active, you will not be able to collect

     the Silther Particles in the Safe.

[Game Details] What is Bank?

1. The Bank is a system that allows you to invest in funds with Credits to collect interest.
2. You can choose a fund to invest in using Credits by going to the Premium Store > Bank.
3. You may collect your Credits before the fund duration ends,

     but you will only receive the principal amount.
4. Once the fund duration ends, you can collect your principal amount and interest by clicking "Complete."

※ You can only invest in one fund at a time.
※ If your Premium buff is deactivated, you can only receive the principal amount.
※ The Credits returned after or within the fund duration will get added to your owned Credits.

[Triple S] How to unstake [Triple S]?

- When tokens are staked, the total staked amount is locked up for 2 weeks. (Lockup state)
- The lock-up period will be renewed if tokens are staked additionally during the lock-up period.
- You can unstake your Silthereum in the staking pool by the unit of 1 Silthereum. Unstaked Silthereum will be deposited to your WEMIX WALLET.
- After unstaking, the unclaimed rewards will remain in the Triple S pool and may be claimed at will.

[Triple S] How to claim [Triple S] rewards?

1. Click on WEMIX LOGIN
2. Connect your WEMIX WALLET account
3. Click the "CLAIM REWARD" button below "My Claimable Reward"
4. Click "Claim Reward" to claim your reward
※ You will claim the amount after deducting applicable fees from the Claimable Reward.

[Triple S] How to use [Triple S]?

2. Link your WEMIX WALLET account 
3. Click the "STAKE" button below "My Stake"
4. Add the amount you wish to stake on the pop-up screen 
5. Click "Stake"
※ The minimum stake is 1 Silthereum with no maximum limit or applicable fees.
※ Stake, Unstake, and Claim are an individual actions, they have common 1 hour cool-down time.

[Triple S] What is [Triple S]?

[Triple S], the Silthereum Staking Service, is the first Silthereum DeFi service where you can yield reward Silthereum, a minted reward of Triple S, by locking up your tokens in a staking pool.

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